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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun with letter Ff

One of the very important subject to cover for the letter Ff is fire safety.  
Learning about fire safety with Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten

Each month, when we do our fire drill, we start by going over the 3 things necessary for a fire: fuel, a spark, and oxygen.  I light a candle in a jar, and then put on the lid, and we count how many seconds it takes for the fire to go out.  The kiddos know that without oxygen in the air, a fire will be smothered and go out.  
Next we practice our stop, drop, and roll drill.  If our clothes ever catch on fire, we would definitely want the fire to go out, so we smother it by pushing it into the ground where it can't get any oxygen.  An adult might help smother the fire with a blanket or pillow, but they might get burned helping out, so kids don't do that.  See how we cover our eyes to protect them?
Learning about fire safety with Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten
 We check out our fire extinguisher, to make sure it is charged and ready, just in case we ever need it.
Learning about fire safety with Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten
 We practice lining up quickly, ready to exit, and one of the teachers takes the sign in sheet with us, so we can check that everyone is out safely.  This is a time to be quiet, so we can hear any instructions our teachers give us!
Learning about fire safety with Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten
 We walk quickly to the mail box - that's our meeting place in an emergency.  Here the kiddos are telling me where they see people.  If there was a real fire, we would need to find someone to call 911 for help.

Another day, I took some of the kiddos on a field trip to the Botanic Gardens.  We saw so many awesome things!  Flowers...
 foot prints...
 we even stopped in a comfy place to draw and write about what we were seeing.
 There is a beautiful fountain in a pond, so we stopped a while to watch the turtles in the water.

 Back at home we heard the story of Rainbow Fish, and even saw a short video of the book, then we painted our own plaster rainbow fish.
 Cleaning the table is as much fun as the painting is when we use shaving cream!
We added silver glitter as a finishing touch.
Here are some of our finished fish.

On Thursday, we made Friendship Fruit Salad for snack.  Each child brought a piece of fruit from home to contribute, and we graphed the different kinds of fruit that came in.  We also graphed which day each child brought their fruit.
We all helped to make the fruit salad. The kiddos rinsed...

(look how we make our fingers into a tent over the knife, to keep them away from the cutting edge.  You have to watch those butter knives, you know!)

...and finally tossed (literally!) the fruit in the bowl. So was it any good?
 Well, we had a first serving... then seconds, thirds, fourths and even fifth servings!  The kiddos LOVED the friendship fruit salad!  Yummy yummy!


  1. I love the picture of you putting the fire out on my child. Ha ha!