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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fortunately - a class book.

Friday was a beautiful spring day.  Lots of sunshine, temperature around 70*, just a little breeze.  We decided to have a picnic lunch outside.  I served milk, pb&j sandwiches, carrots and apple slices, and we sat around a large mat together, talking and eating.  One of the boys realized that he had two slices of apple on his plate, and a friend had 3, and wanted to know why.  I started mimicking a story we love, Fortunately, by Remy Charlip, and the children chimed in with additional fortunate and unfortunate suggestions.  Our story was born.

Fortunately, Ella got three pieces of apple at the picnic.
Unfortunately, Trevon did not.
Fortunately, there was more apple.
Unfortunately, my dog, Patriot, tried to get it.
Fortunately, we stopped him.
Unfortunately, a squirrel came to try and get it.
Fortunately, Patriot scared it away.
Unfortunately, ducks came while Patriot was chasing the squirrel.

Fortunately, his barking scared them.
Unfortunately, the ducks ate Connor's bread.
Fortunately, they didn't get it all.
Unfortunately, Nolan dropped his sandwich.
Fortunately, It fell on his plate.
Unfortunately, he didn't want it.
Fortunately, he did want his apples.
Unfortunately, Brielle also wanted his apples!
Fortunately, she knows not to take it.
Unfortunately, Emily started feeling bad.
Fortunately, Makenzie gave her a hug, and it helped.
Unfortunately, Jacob was jealous.
Fortunately, Reese spoke sweetly to him, and he felt better.
Unfortunately, Ms. Paula wouldn't let the kids get up to go play.
Fortunately, she did let them when they finished their lunch.
Unfortunately, there were only two swings for all the kids.

Fortunately, we can take turns!
Unfortunately, Luke hogged a swing.
Fortunately, Ms. Julie asked him to give Olivia a turn.
Unfortunately, she fell off!
Fortunately, she fell on the mulch, so she wasn't hurt.
Unfortunately, she also fell on a roly poly.
Fortunately, she didn't hurt the roly poly.
Unfortunately, it was a spiky roly poly!

Fortunately, the kids could look at it safely, and fortunately it crawled home to it's roly poly city,
and fortunately the kids followed it and found many roly pollies, because fortunately, we love roly pollies!
We'll make this into a class book this coming week, with the children illustrating it.  I can already tell, it is going to be a favorite!

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