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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Puddle Stomping

As adults, we know how we are supposed to experience the world, the "right" way to be, the social conventions that we are expected to follow.  Not so children; the world is new and fresh and exciting, and the possibilities endless.   Take a rainy day for example.  Stay inside?  Wear shoes?  Stay dry? 

Every child needs to dance in the rain, run barefoot in the grass, and stomp in puddles sometimes.  If there isn't time or permission to do those things now, when will there ever be?  So out we went, barefoot, to enjoy the puddles and a little light rain.  We felt the grass under our feet...

 Walked on rain-slick stones and soft dirt, brushed past the rose bushes laden with rain drops...
 ...and welcomed the drops on our faces and bodies.

 The crape myrtle flowers hung low with the weight of rain held in their petals, until we brushed them and then shook them, and were showered.
 "I found a creature!"  Snails were eating a mushroom, so we got down close and watched, their snail meal as fascinating as any toy.

 Welcome raindrops!

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  1. I can't believe my child actually went out with no shoes. This is a big deal!