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Monday, October 20, 2014

Dinosaur Math

 Dinosaur Math

 I've been working on creating a dinosaur themed math packet for over a month, and finally was able to finish it this weekend.  I'm so pleased I did!
 The children worked hard today to sort and graph dinosaurs by different features, and we got to review some great dinosaur words like carnivore and herbivore.
 They graphed, sorted, and did Venn diagrams.  At first we used the dinosaur pictures that I put in the packet, but I also let them work with our dinosaur manipulatives, which they really like to do.
 I heard some great math language: "this has more," "there is only one of these," "why are there zero of this kind?"

 I designed these as a set of math centers, there are 10 centers in all, plus black and white versions that are ready to reproduce and have children complete as a follow up, or take-home activity.
 "I can't put these on, there are only spaces for red, yellow, blue and green." I love seeing the children demonstrate their mathematical knowledge!

If you'd like to try our dinosaur math sorting, please check it out on my TpT store.  The packet includes 29 pages of learning fun.  I'd love to know if your children enjoy it as much as mine do!

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