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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Whoo-Whoo Loves Owls?

Owl imagery seems to be everywhere lately - from clothing to classrooms, home decor to Harry Potter movies.  Perhaps that's where it all started, but regardless, they are pretty fascinating creatures!

I've been thinking (and creating) about owls a LOT lately.  I was even lucky enough to find an owl pellet in my new backyard recently- totally cool!  I've been looking back through my photos for a couple of days, and cannot find (yet) photos of our owls crafts.  I do however have a lot of owl activities on my owls pinterest board, if you are looking for crafts.

I thought I'd start with a freebie, because really, who doesn't like free things?!  This packet includes color by number owl puzzles for addition and for subtraction, and an ordering by size page too.
If your kids love it, I have a larger pack available too.  Here's an example of what's included:

Have you ever worked in a school that didn't allow a Halloween theme?  Bats, owls and spiders make a nice alternative to witches and ghosts if you do!  This set has AB, ABC, AAB and ABB patterns made with bats and owls.  There are 12 pattern strips for students to extend, and for each pattern type I also included a worksheet  to continue patterns, and a make-your-own pattern page to engage higher level thinking skills.

For students who are already fairly fluent readers - I aimed for 2nd to 3rd grade, but of course, there are always students whose reading level is higher or lower - I wrote a non-fiction book about owls, which includes a reading comprehension page.  I learned so many cool things about owls while I was researching this project - like that different owls nest in very different places, from trees and on buildings, to nests on the ground, and even in borrows!  I love connecting different disciplines, like science and reading!

Last fall I worked on some fun owl hundreds charts mystery pictures, and created two different sets: an early primary number recognition set and a set that requires students to solve addition, subtraction andmultiplication problems.

The last owl activity I have for you today is a set of 4 telling time foldergames.
This is the game for time to the half hour.  There are also games for time to the hour, to the hour and half hour, and to the quarter hour.

Don't you love owls?

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